Touch Sense

Touch Sense guarantees expected welding coordinates by defining position of the part in 3 dimension.

Arc Sense

ArcSense enables the robot to follow the welding path.


Roboguide enables to program the robot by computer.

IR Vision

IRVision uses computer vision technology that defines position, color, path visually.

Power Mode

The controlled response of the Power Mode enables the power source to maintain a stable arc despite stickout fluctuation, even at very low current levels.

Rapid Arc

RapidArc provides excellent arc stability at lower arc voltage (shorter arc length), with reduced spatter and washed out bead profile, allowing for significant increase in torch travel speed.

Rapid X

Rapid X increases travel speed by 40% and reduces spatter by 30%.


The STT process makes welds that require low heat input much easier without overheating or burning through, and distortion is minimized. Spatter and fumes are reduced.

Pulse on Pulse

Pulse-On-Pulse was created by the Lincoln Electric Company to provide a GMAW solution for aluminum welding that made the welding process less difficult.

Production Monitoring

Analyse and manage your weld data from anywhere by Production Monitoring.

Tandem MIG

Tandem MIG™ is a dual wire, high-speed GMAW welding process that uses Waveform Control Technology™ to coordinate two separately generated arcs.

AC/DC Submerged

Software-driven AC, DC positive or DC negative output allows the user to control the deposition rate and penetration. The result over conventional power sources is increased weld speeds, consistently higher quality welds.

Twin Submerged

Twin Submerges works with 2 wires from one torch, and increases travel speed by %30.

Tandem Submerged

Tandem Submerged provides 2 times more weld metal rate, ideal for thick materials.

Multiarc Submerged

MultiArc Submerged enables to weld of very thick material fastly by multiple torches.

Submerged Band Cover

SBC enables the welding surface to have corrosive and mechanical resistance.


UltraSharp optimizes hole cutting with minimal operator intervention and provides most consistent hole quality.

Impulse Start

Impulse Start reduces depletion of comsumables.

Lincoln Fanuc Protocol

Worldwide protocol agreement between Lincoln Electric and Fanuc Robot that enable to recognise eachother and work synchronized.


This proprietary technology maximizes consumable life while ensuring superior cut quality.

HMI Digital Screen

Colomn-Boom, positioner, and rototars can be controlled from only one touch HMI panel.


Lincoln Electric Flextec 650 can be carried on the tank welding system that reduces usage and number of cables.

On The Fly

Enable to interfere the robot instantly during welding by digital communication.


Enable to strike an arc in 300 ms and finish it in 100 ms which is resulted in significant time saving.

Green Inverter

Enable to operate at higher frequencies than traditional power sources, that reduces overall energy use.

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