Tank Welding Systems

Askaynak tank automation systems provide rapid and precise welding for the tanks / storages at once.

Askaynak tank automation systems have ability to weld till 8mm thickness sheet metal of minimum 8000mm diamater of storages.  Askaynak tank automation systems carry power supply unit with itself, hence it provides significant saving of cables among its kind. Only one power cable is enough to run the system rather than more and long cables.

Since the power unit is located on the framework of Askaynak Tank Welding Systems, there is a significant saving for welding and work cable. All system can be operated with a single power cable.

Askaynak Tank Welding Machine    
Flextec 650 welding machine    
Powder collection and powder supply system (pneumatic)    
40 mt power supply cable    
Charging crane    
External painting    
Protective tarp and fire extinguisher    
Mechanical pressure arms    
Led lighting lamp    

Production Monitoring

Analyse and manage your weld data from anywhere by Production Monitoring.


Lincoln Electric Flextec 650 can be carried on the tank welding system that reduces usage and number of cables.

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