Conventional Column-Boom Systems

Askaynak Column–Boom Systems enable to weld the cyclindrical materials by help of rotators and positioners, and gives great advantage of labor cost.

System has linear sliders which provide precise welding quality without vibration. All system and hardware are controlled from one digital panel.

High-precision and vibration-free skid framework for flawless weldings    
Durable external painting resistance against scratches and damages    
Touchscreen digital main control unit that can control all features of column-boom and rotators    
Integrated powder collection system for decreasing    
Manuel column rotation system    
Limit switch of engines for mechanical safety of column-boom and emergency situations    
Drop-Lock system that prevents boom to fall down    
Welding metal deposition rate up to 9 kg/hour (with IdealArc DC1000- NA3 welding head combination)    

Production Monitoring

Analyse and manage your weld data from anywhere by Production Monitoring.

AC/DC Submerged

Software-driven AC, DC positive or DC negative output allows the user to control the deposition rate and penetration. The result over conventional power sources is increased weld speeds, consistently higher quality welds.

Tandem Submerged

Tandem Submerged provides 2 times more weld metal rate, ideal for thick materials.

Multiarc Submerged

MultiArc Submerged enables to weld of very thick material fastly by multiple torches.

Submerged Band Cover

SBC enables the welding surface to have corrosive and mechanical resistance.

HMI Digital Screen

Colomn-Boom, positioner, and rototars can be controlled from only one touch HMI panel.


Lincoln Electric Flextec 650 can be carried on the tank welding system that reduces usage and number of cables.

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