Idealarc® AC-1200

The Idealarc® AC-1200 submerged arc power source is specifically designed for operation with Lincoln Electric’s NA-4 automatic wire feeder. It is a power source that you can count on day-in and day-out to provide proven performance.

• Scott connection taps standard for two AC welding heads operated in tandem
• Rheostat adjusts the output settings while welding or at idle
• Three output studs with overlapping ranges
• ±10% input line voltage compensation for maintaining weld consistency
• Thermostat protection from current overload and excessive temperatures
• Terminal strip for remote control and wire connections and output studs for welding cables
• Removable side panels for easy access to internal parts
• Windings and rectifiers protected against moisture and corrosive environments
• 3 years warranty on parts and labor
• Seven-year warranty on power rectifier
• Proper to IEC974-1 and CE certificates.

Input Voltage 380/440 V
3 Phase
50/60 Hz
Rated Output Current, Voltage and Duty Cycle 1200 A / 44 V / % 100 
Effective Current 182 A
Current Range 200 - 1500 A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1453 x 560 x 970 mm
Weight 712 kg

Twin Submerged

Twin Submerges works with 2 wires from one torch, and increases travel speed by %30.

Tandem Submerged

Tandem Submerged provides 2 times more weld metal rate, ideal for thick materials.

Submerged Band Cover

SBC enables the welding surface to have corrosive and mechanical resistance.

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