M - 710iC/20L™

The M-710iC/20L offers an industry leading reach and stroke making this the largest arc welding robot of its kind. The compact yet flexible design simplifies installation, maximizes reach and makes this robot ideally suited for large fabrications.

Fanuc Arcmate series robots specially designed for welding process. The ARC Mate 100iC robot series had a process specific design that protects the weld torch cable from the wire feeder to the torch goose neck, reducing cable wear and minimizing wire feeder issues. A special communication protocol improved by cooperation between Lincoln and Fanuc that enables robot and welding machine controlled from one place. Advanced Technologies like Touch Sensing, Through Arc, Seam Tracking, Stratch Start, Return to Path and Wire Stick Reset and Automatic Torch recovery minimizes the welding defects and provide reliable performance with high productivity. İt is possible to change parameter during welding by On the Fly.

Specifications   Fanuc M-710iC/20L  
Axes   6 axes (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6)  
Reach   3110mm  
Mounting method   Floor, ceiling angle and wall  
Motion speed
( degrees)
J1 360 ° (175° /s)   
  J2 225 ° (175 ° /s)   
  J3 432 ° (180 ° /s)   
  J4 400 ° (350 ° /s)  
  J5 280 ° (360 ° /s)  
  J6 900 ° (600 ° /s)   
J3   24 kg
Wrist moment N-m J4 39 Nm  
  J5 39 Nm  
  J6 19 Nm  
Wrist inertia J4 0.88 kg-m  
  J5 0.89 kg-m  
  J6 0.15 kg-m  
Repeatability   ± 0.15mm  
Mechanical weight   540 kg  
Installation environment Temperature 0-45 °C  
  Humidity Normally: 75% or less
Short term (within a month): 95% or less
No condensation
  Vibration  0.5G or less  

Touch Sense

Touch Sense guarantees expected welding coordinates by defining position of the part in 3 dimension.

Arc Sense

ArcSense enables the robot to follow the welding path.


Roboguide enables to program the robot by computer.

IR Vision

IRVision uses computer vision technology that defines position, color, path visually.

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