ARC Mate 0iA

Fanuc ARC Mate 0iA robot is an extremely lightweight and compact robot, specifically designed for arc welding applications. The Arc Mate 0iA will work for a wide variety of arc welding applications.

Digital communication between the latest Lincoln powerwave series and the Arc Mate 0iA provides superior control and performance, creating the highest quality weld. The latest servo technology provides high-speed and accuracy of the robot motion and minimizes the interaction of the operator to increase the efficiency of the arc welding system. 

Controlled axes (Note 1)   6 axes (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6)
Reach   1,437mm
Installation   Floor, Upside-down, Angle mount
Motion range (Maximum speed) (Note 2,3) J1 axis rotation 360 ° (22 5° /s) 6.28 rad ( 3.93 rad/s)
  J2 axis rotation 250 ° (215 ° /s) 4.36 rad ( 3.75 rad/s)
  J3 axis rotation 455 ° (225 ° /s) 7.94 rad ( 3.93 rad/s)
  J4 axis wrist rotation 380 ° (425 ° /s) 6.63 rad ( 7.42 rad/s)
  J5 axis wrist swing 280 ° (425 ° /s) 4.89 rad ( 7.42 rad/s)
  J6 axis wrist rotation 720 ° (625 ° /s) 12.57 rad (10.91 rad/s)
Maximum laod capacity at wrist   3kg
Allowable load moment at wrist J4 axis 8.9 Nm
  J5 axis 8.9 Nm
  J6 axis 3.0 Nm
Allowable load inertia at wrist J4 axis 0.280 kgm2
  J5 axis 0.280 kgm3
  J6 axis 0.035 kgm4
Repeatability   ± 0.08mm
Robot mass   110kg
Installation environment Ambient temperature 0-45 °C
  Amibient humidity Normal %75RH or less
(No dew no frost allowed)
Short term : %95RH or less
(within one month)
  Vibration 0.5G or less

Note 1) In case of using robot combined with aux, axis, please consult with FANUC.

Note 2) In case of short motion distance, the axis speed does not reach it's maximum.

Note 3) Motion range of wrist axis may be restricted by torch to less than the values given.

Touch Sense

Touch Sense guarantees expected welding coordinates by defining position of the part in 3 dimension.

Arc Sense

ArcSense enables the robot to follow the welding path.


Roboguide enables to program the robot by computer.

IR Vision

IRVision uses computer vision technology that defines position, color, path visually.

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