Spirit® II 275

The Spirit® II Series plasma systems feature the unique FineLine™ High Definition Plasma Cutting Technology that delivers unequaled performance in cut quality at lower operational costs.

We provide the best hole cutting quality over consumable life by achieving the least part taper over the life of an electrode. When FineLine cutting technology is paired with our proprietary UltraSharp™ Hole Technology you also get the best hole cutting quality in the industry.

CleanStrike™ Technology Eliminates high frequency starting.
Unmatched Cut Quality and Consistency

Delivers exceptional cut edge quality, virtually dross free, with bevels of 2° or less.

Advanced Torch technology for a stable plasma column and optimized plasma gas flow.

Longer Unparalleled Consumable Life

Hafnium Optimizing Technology (Hf OT™) significantly increases electrode life.

EnduraX™ Silver Electrode provides up to 3 times the life of an Endura™ electrode.

Shield cap life is extended using the very low transferred arc current sensing for higher starting height.

Optimized nozzle design technology for dominant convective heat transfer, which results in longer nozzle life.

Lower Operating Costs

Fast Proportional Valve Gas Regulation.

Plasma Cutting and Marking with separate gas is controlled through a CNC output, a serial link or a manual selection.  The marking operation results in an instantaneous cut and mark cycle change. Operating costs are controlled by using the same consumables to cut and mark and using a fast switch transferred arc for extended nozzle life.

Uses up to 78% less plasma gas than competition. That is an average of 48% across all ranges and 38% average onthe high amperage range (200A to 400A).

Advanced technology, high efficiency chopper-stabilized current output.

Higher Reliability

Extremely robust design components with rigorous manufacturing and testing standards ensure high product reliabili

600 ampere IGBT chopper transistor for high reliability.

Industry leading 3 year warranty on machine, 1 year on original torch.

Multi-Tap Transformer and Common Chopper Platform are standard on all systems.


UltraSharp optimizes hole cutting with minimal operator intervention and provides most consistent hole quality.

Impulse Start

Impulse Start reduces depletion of comsumables.


This proprietary technology maximizes consumable life while ensuring superior cut quality.

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