Power Wave® S350

The multi-process Power Wave® S350 is packed with Lincoln Electric performance technology on both the input and output side.

It provides an extremely fast arc response, includes over 65 standard welding waveforms for optimized performance on almost any application and efficiently converts input power to reduce operational costs. It provides precise welding in many metal alloy applications. 

PowerConnect™ Technology (Patent-Pending) Automatically adjusts to input power from 200-600V, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase or three phase. Welding output remains constant through the entire input voltage range.
Tribrid™ Power Module Exceptional welding performance with high power factor and efficiency.
Check Point A cloud-based data collection tool allows customers to view and analyze welding data on almost any device – desktop, laptop, iPhone® or iPad®, Blackberry® and others. Track equipment usage, store weld data, configure fault limits and more.
Optional 115V (10A) AC Duplex Auxiliary Power Receptacle Features patent-pending Surge Blocker™ Technology to ensure simultaneous welding performance is not compromised by high starting current devices such as grinders (typically requiring 60A or more peak surge current).
Compact and Durable Case IP23 rated to withstand harsh environments.
Standard Ethernet Allows for effortless software upgrades through powerwavesoftware.com

Proper to IEC974-1 and CE certificates Three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Power Mode

The controlled response of the Power Mode enables the power source to maintain a stable arc despite stickout fluctuation, even at very low current levels.

Rapid Arc

RapidArc provides excellent arc stability at lower arc voltage (shorter arc length), with reduced spatter and washed out bead profile, allowing for significant increase in torch travel speed.

Pulse on Pulse

Pulse-On-Pulse was created by the Lincoln Electric Company to provide a GMAW solution for aluminum welding that made the welding process less difficult.

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