Power Feed® 10R

The Power Feed® 10R is a high performance, digitally controlled wire drive for modular, multi-process welding systems. It is specifically designed to mount to a robot arm or to use in hard automation applications.

Digital Control Yields industry leading performance.
Fast Braking Goes from maximum speed to zero in milliseconds, minimizing the chance of wire sticking in the puddle.
Two Speed Settings high speed gears for a wide wire feed speed range.
Split Wire Guides Trouble-free feeding and fast, tool-less wire installation, changeover and maintenance.
Tachometer Feedback Provides calibration and precise control of wire feed speed.
Brass-to-Brass Connections Enhanced electrical connectivity between torch and feeder results in improved arc performance.
Drive Roll Tension Gauge Easy-to-read for accurate tension setting.
Self-loading Wire Capability Easy set-up.
Modular Construction Simplifies drive maintenance.

Power Mode

The controlled response of the Power Mode enables the power source to maintain a stable arc despite stickout fluctuation, even at very low current levels.

Rapid Arc

RapidArc provides excellent arc stability at lower arc voltage (shorter arc length), with reduced spatter and washed out bead profile, allowing for significant increase in torch travel speed.

Pulse on Pulse

Pulse-On-Pulse was created by the Lincoln Electric Company to provide a GMAW solution for aluminum welding that made the welding process less difficult.

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