Human Resources

Askaynak Human Resources Policies

Our company’s HR policies are as follows:

  • To protect all employees and to treat all employees equally and fairly.
  • To show the greatest care when choosing suitable employees ensuring that they have all the required and suitable qualifications for the position they apply for. Furthermore, to use a contemporary scientific approach in regards to this issue during the selection process. 
  • To provide education opportunities to employees in order to develop their talents and their sufficiency, ensuring that they are developing within their position.
  • To encourage and reward our successful employees within the companies means.
  • To communicate with employees in regards to subjects which concern them on time and ensure that their perspective and suggestions are conveyed to the senior staff in necessary.
  • To determine employees’ wages objectively, within the guidelines of the Eczacibasi Collective.
  • To nominate people from within the company for management roles within the company. Those within management positions will be expected to support an employee they nominate to take their place.
  • To ensure that employees work within an organised and coherent manner in accordance with company guidelines and rules.


Our Primary areas

  • Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Services
  • Sales
  • Technical
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Marketing
  • Financial Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technologies


Our Locations

  • Gebze central factory
  • Marmara 
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Adana
  • China


Internship Opportunities

  • If you are a high school student at a;
    • Technical high school, industry high schools etc, every year until the end of May you may apply by calling us.
  • If you are in higher education or a university student;
    • Every year from April to May we will be accepting applications and will be accepting candidates whom meet out criteria. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to complete an internship over the summer.

Online applications can we done through the following address:  



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For more information about our interview process please click the link below:  

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