Askaynak Automation, which carries out its works within the institution of Eczacıbaşı-Lincoln Electric, is expert in robotic and mechanic automation systems.

The firm which initially started working as a supplier in both main automotive industries and sub-industries, in 2002 under the name of SYS Robot Technologies, started to do design jobs based on client requests following a short period of working in the production of technical drawings and special specs. Remaining within this frame the firm also manufactured and designed moulds, fixtures, control gauges and specialised sets.

Between 2002-2004, SYS- RT heavily focused on mechanical production. Towards the end of 2004, SYS- RT signed a distributor contract with TOSHIBAMACHINE and took its first step into the robotic automation industry. The partnership, which lasted up to three years, gained a new dimension in 2007 when an integrator contract was signed with FANUC ROBOTICS.

SYS- RT commissioned 238 robotic systems in total between 2007-2013. Initially the firm had 6 employees, it then increased this figure to 45 after 2013 in order to be able to expand its services and provide fast service to Turkey as well as other countries it exported products to.

In 2013, SYS-RT joined the Eczacıbaşı- Lincoln Electric institution and adopted a new name- Askaynak Automation. Under its new name, the firm has started to offer valuable solutions to the production sectors both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, with welding at the forefront of its works, the firm also started to venture into different applications in robotic and mechanic automation projects.

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