Askaynak Automation

With its welding and complementary processes, Askaynak Automation- which just celebrated its 43rd year as an establishment- has presented all its products and services in the Turkish industry with success. This thus both helped the development of Turkey, while also providing clients with trustworthy, efficient, high technology and cost-effective solutions. In recent years, we have ventured into other important neighbouring areas of the metal industry and thus have added new products to our portfolio. During these ventures, our overseas activity has also increased rapidly. Thanks to these developments, Askaynak has become a leader within its geographical location.

In 2013, Askaynak included SYS Robot Technologies within its establishment and thus carried on its work under a new name- Askaynak Automation. Under its new brand, with welding at its forefront, the company ventured into different application sectors within robotic and mechanic automation projects and also provides professional solutions in both national and international production sectors.

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